These demos give a brief explanation of the creative and technical processes involved in various works I've created.

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First ever book on CGI and music integration, Houdini CHOPs, and spatial audio

Simultaneous Music, Animation, and Sound using Houdini

This book (reveiwed and approved by Side Effects Software) is the first resource of any kind in many areas of graphics as well as sound. It is the combination of over a year of personal resurch and development in various areas of motion, logic, sound, and synthesis.

All original and self-created artwork and methods are used in this book. My hope is that it will spur future projects and development in this area.

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Multi-screen High-Definition Night Club Visuals

This project was produced for a prototype multimedia installation in partnership with Light Walker Entertainment.

It is currently displayed once a month in Shibuya, Tokyo at Seco Lounge during the event Konen. Houdini dynamics, particles, lighting, shader, and compositing animation were used to construct a musical enviornment in accordance with the dimensions and projector positions of the venue and mood conveyed by the artists and DJs.


Scripted crowd for Fox Sports Network / Tigar Hare Studios

This project was produced for Fox Sports Network at Tigar Hare Studios .

During this project I was responsible for the development and implementation of all crowd footage / methods / and technology; from scripting, to scene arrangement and timing adjustment, to final rendering.

The process included the devlopment of a maxscript to place animated meshes onto a particle system for population and animation rate/timing randomization; as well as keying green screen live action footage for a sprite-based foreground crowd onto additional particle systems.


Technical Demos / Current Resurch and Development

Many of the current fine art projects and experiments I'm undertaking involve the same complexity of technical methods as mainstream feature film and commercial production.

These examples involve extensive use of Houdini's Digital Asset technology, Python scripting, VOPs, and various crowd / particle / and rigging techniques.


Independent film CGI production of "The Golem"

This project involved the creation of ALL CGI effects for an independent feature film, produced by Spirit Films.

Roughly 60 effects shots were planned and produced from pre-shot footage.

Through the completion fo the project I performed all modeling / texturing / rigging / lighting / rendering / and compositing. I also performed around a third of the character animation , this was outsourced to a company in the philipines later in the production.


Twenty sripted 3D virtual worlds created for classical music DVD menus
[DVD discs are available on request]

For this production I was the sole creator/designer for the menu art for 20 classical music DVDs, available from Cascade Medien.

I scripted all form and animation directly from the raytracer POV-Ray. No mainstream applications or GUIs were used. Menus were added on top of the camera animations with Photoshop text and automation.


Audio Mixing / Sound Design / Video Editing

My major in college was audio production, with a minor in video production. Since college I've worked with several smaller productions for tasks involving sound design, audio mixing, and video editing.

These companies include:

  • Blue Moon Entertainment (DVD Design / Video Editing)
  • Scampi Video (Audio Recording / Mixing / Sound Design / Compositing)
  • Unlovable Productions (Sound Design for "Mammas Boy" short film)
  • Lordes Enterprises (Sound Design / Video Editing for "Somewhere in Between" short film)
  • Suprises Productions (Sound Design for "A Peace of History" short film)
  • Sonic Fish Productions (DVD Authoring / Coordination / Encoding)