This page contains resources I've developed to aid others in their pursutes of audio-visual artwork.

First ever book on CGI and music integration, Houdini CHOPs, and spatial audio

Simultaneous Music, Animation, and Sound with Houdini

This book is the first resource of any kind in many areas of graphics as well as sound. It is the combination of over a year of personal research and development in various areas of motion, logic, sound, and synthesis.

Topics include MIDI and audio driven animation, spatial audio, and CG synthesis interaction. My hope is that it will spur future projects and development in this area.

Curious? Here is the preface.

The ebook is being sold for $29.95 as a 250 page Adobe PDF with example scenes. Once you purchase the book through the paypal shopping cart (credit cards accepted), you will recieve a download link with password via email within 24 hours.

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